Blog list for 2016

Blog ListWant to know what is coming your way this year? Well here are my thoughts for the first quarter of 2016 for topics I’m going to write about.

Any suggestions? Any complaints? Let me know!

  • Homes Under the Hammer
  • 2016 Blog list
  • Why being a Landlord makes you a good person
  • Reasons why being a landlord is shit
  • Tenant types
  • LHA v Private tenants
  • How to age a building
  • Mortgage brokers – why you need them and why you don’t
  • Landlord Insurance explained
  • Rent Guarantee Insurance – is it worth it?
  • How and when to increase rent
  • Property inspections
  • How and when to evict a tenant

So the first two of the year are a bit of a cheat… a lovely video of my mug and this short list.

Yeah well, sue me. It’s been a busy start to the year!

This list takes us up to around April. So I’ll no doubt be adding in the occasional pertinent blog post if anything major happens, but these are the kind of blog topics I was planning on covering.

A lot have come from specific questions I’ve been asked by readers, so if you want to have a topic you’re interested in covered, I really will cover it if you let me know!

If you’ve already asked for one to be covered and I’ve forgotten, then remind me. I’m a bit useless unless my assistant writes it down for me and reminds me on a regular basis.

Look forward to a prosperous 2016!

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