Single most important decision in property

What is the single most important decision in property? There are so many decisions to make when it comes to property investment. Area, price, building type, financing, strategy, market sector, etc. the list goes on. Now I realise this will be a controversial assumption, and everyone will have an opinion on this. But they’re wrong and I’m right, and you should …

Top 3 Tips for Property Developers (and 2 to avoid)

The Top 3 Things All Property Developers Must Do (and 2 you shouldn’t) Investments in property, just like every other line of business are filled with its own share of risks and pitfalls. In an ideal world everything will be perfect. People will always be honest, proposals will always be followed through, partners will be discreet and there will be …

Landlords are good people, honest

The media thinks you’re cramming 12 people into a small studio flat. The general public think you’re stealing their houses out from under them (and you’re the reason their kids won’t leave until they are mid 40’s). The government think you’re too rich to make a profit, and your vote doesn’t count. What’s the truth about being a Landlord?

Blog list for 2016

Want to know what is coming your way this year? Well here are my thoughts for the first quarter of 2016 for topics I’m going to write about. Any suggestions? Any complaints? Let me know!

My Property Loss

There are worse things in life than losing money, but when you’re on the receiving end of a property loss it’s not a great feeling. Want some schadenfreude from my latest property deal, and latest property loss? Then read on.

Homes Under the Hammer

I’m famous! This week I was featured on Homes Under the Hammer. Some of you may remember I mentioned my property in Croydon that was bought at auction was going to be featured, and just over a year later it was! Click here to watch the video!