What I’m doing now

Hello 2017! Happy birthday (+10 days)

I trust everyone had a nice festive season? Not that this completely time stamps when I last updated this huh? Yeah well, it’ll be updated a few times a year, deal with it.

I do look a little bit terrified in this picture don’t I? It’s an unusual face to pull while at the gym, but there’s a good reason – I’ll get back to that.

Anyway, update on what I’m doing at the moment…

RWPT is now fully staffed, we’re now a team of 7 people. Not going to lie, little bit scary, but also really exciting. We’re waiting to hear about some tenders we’ve put in for a few large development sites, so Richard and I are focusing on getting the training side of things running smoothly during the relative calm stage. Once the project goes live, I’ll get over stimulated and mostly be focusing on that.

At some point we’ll do one of those “Meet the Team” pages so you can get to know everyone, but who has time for that shit right now?!


The book, yeah, about that. It’s still ongoing, but I realised half way through that actually – I’m really very good at investing in property. I don’t claim to be an expert, or a guru, but I know quite a lot. Should hope so after all the screw ups I’ve made along the way. So I’ve gone back to my specialty and am writing the book for beginners to get into investing. I’m thinking of targeting it at Millennials as that’s who mostly seems to get in touch with me.


And I’m now fully set up as a Mortgage Broker. The website is just going through compliance, but as I won’t update this for a while – check it out…. wait for it….. here! No judging me on the name. It’s shit I know, but it does the job.


My main act of personal development is…  taking control of my diet.  I reckon this could be a 2017 thing – at the moment I’m using RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal to keep myself accountable. I’m a sucka for a funky app, what can I say? For those of you who know me, I’m taking some time off from the gym and lifting weights. Hence the terrified picture above, that was my last weights session! I hate running, but if I work on it consistently I tend to get vaguely passable at it.


My main act of public service is… answering emails from strangers. I’ve come to realise that property has very specific problems. While it’s all very well giving general generic advice, as I’ve done throughout this site, unless it directly applies to you – it’s interesting, but not really. Unless you’re a complete nerd like me.

So RWPT is splitting itself down the middle with general advice for those starting out, and more tailored advice for others. It’s a pretty good model (I reckon anyway).

In the spirit of that – if you’ve got a specific question to ask me, fire away! Just do me a favour and keep it as succinct as possible so you aren’t taking the piss and taking up all my time for free. Deal?


If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was 10th January 2017.

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