What I’m doing now

Hello there you!

This is my ‘I’m being contemplative and what not’ face. Pretty thinky huh?

What might I be thinking about? Well, mostly I have been thinking of how much fun I’m having helping people just like you out!

I’ve pivoted away from just property back to more general personal finance. Now, even though I have the qualifications, I’m not an ACTUAL financial adviser. I just know more than most people. I mean, I have been doing this shit for 14 years now, and I live off my investments. So must be doing something right.

The EP Investor is the site I’m using for this new project. The goal is to help you take full control of your finances, and then once there, show you how to invest in a sensible way.

No flashy shit, no insane technical analysis stuff.

Just simple techniques you can use once a year to make sure you’re still on track, and then forget about it for another 12 months.

It’s a confidence thing. Investing really isn’t that difficult, but the people involved in it are incentivised to make it seem like it is. So, being the asshat that I am, I thought I’d piss them all off and show you just how easy it can be.


The book is FINALLY almost finished. It’s getting the final edit today, the front cover is designed, I’ve even picked a name for it. The launch date is the beginning of April to tie in with the new financial year.

I’m not gonna put my money on hitting that deadline, but it will be worth the wait. I’ve had a few beta readers give me feedback and it’s been overwhelmingly positive. Better than I was expecting for such a boring topic to be honest.

Still busy being a Mortgage Broker. Not gonna lie, it’s kinda fun. Combines my geeky love of numbers with my nerdy love of property. Ticking all the boxes for me!

It’s quite good fun helping people through the process. Either homeowners who have no idea how the process works, or developers who I can help because I’ve done £2.1bn of development myself over the years. So yeah, not many other brokers who have more experience in developing than their clients. Check out the site here! if you need any money and have some property you can lend against.


My main act of personal development is…  spending more money.  Sounds daft I know, but I’m so keen on investing and saving for the future and growing my funds, that sometimes I forget that I’ll be dead one day and I should probably enjoy some of it along the way.

So I want to spend a bit more. Some hobbies, maybe some travelling. If you’ve got any suggestions, feel free to drop me an email. Or if you want to go on holiday with me, if you’re an attractive single female, definitely get in touch.


My main act of public service is… a FREE Facebook Group. Sounds a bit shit I know, but I get to answer your questions in a slightly more time efficient way. People will see the question and my answer, and not ask me the same thing again!

That’s basically why I wrote a book.

Goal of the group? Get people in control of their money and comfortable with the concepts of investing. Won’t go into too much detail on the in’s and out’s of it all, so if you want that you’ll have to join my membership group.


If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was 9th March 2018.

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