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Want to get into property, but aren't 100% sure how to go about it?
Intimidated by all the information out there and now can't make any decision?
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However you've done it, you've amassed some money.
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Arm Chair Investing

Property is not a hands-off investment vehicle. However, we can make it minimal touch for you. All Joint Venture investing that I get involved in now is via RWPT, the company set up exclusively to work with investors just like you.

With over 30 years of combined experience, thousands of projects and GDV in the hundreds of millions, we are confident that we can invest alongside you for the best return.

Want to invest in your own project? You’ll need at least £100,000 for this.

Happy to invest with others? You’ll need £25,000 for this.

We are involved in projects for individuals that return a realistic, and relatively low risk 8% annualised ROI through to medium sized schemes returning more high risk 20% ROI for the investor.

Now before you demand a 20% ROI on your funds, know that nothing comes for free. These investments are longer term, require significantly more cash and carry a higher level of risk.

We don’t believe in making artificial claims about the return you can expect. So if you want a realistic discussion about what you can achieve and how we can work together,

Get in touch today.

Work with for honest, practical advice

Working with RWPT

Working for yourself can be lonely. So I decided that combining skills and sharing resources with an investor I trusted, admired, and respected was a sensible idea.

I couldn’t find one, so I went with Richard Brown instead. (Haaaaaa – he’ll almost certainly tell me to change this).

Richard and I met via a Mastermind group and quickly realised we had a shared interest in property, talking about property, and had a lot of spare time on our hands. So we figured that was enough to set up a company together.

Sick of seeing all of the rubbish that’s out there, we thought stop moaning and start competing. So that’s what we’ve done.

All advisory and education programs I do now are via our joint company, RWPT. Real World Property Training

“The Club”

***Work in Progress***

The most exclusive, practical property community to be in.

Instant access to hours of video content and practical training.

Direct access to experienced investors.

  • Your problems solved
  • Practical, not hypothetical
  • Direct Access


On-demand training course to get you from zero to hero in as little as a week.

Everything you need to get started in property.

Clear, easy to follow and comprehensive.

  • Gain complete clarity
  • Simple calculators to use
  • Be confident in your strategy

Deal Tips

Pre-vetted deals with a potential profit already established.

No need to spend hours searching for smaller developments site again.

Deals with a minimum of £10,000 potential profit and a 10% ROI emailed to you weekly.

  • Save time searching deals
  • Due diligence already done
  • Consistent feed of deals

Pricing Plans

"The Club"


per month
  • Personal Property Advisor
  • Small Online Community
  • Complete access to Damien & Richard
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Deal Tips


Per Year
  • Profitable deals emailed weekly
  • Minimum £10,000 profit per deal
  • Minimum 5 deals per month
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